License to Quill


So … this happened. My wife and I decided to get tattoos for our ninth anniversary. Since we’re almost to our 10th, and since we recently discovered a local artist we like, we decided to make the appointment.

The image, in case you don’t recognize it, is a quill. It pairs nicely with my wife’s inkwell.


My firstborn took the tattoos in stride. My secondborn, the 5-year-old, declared that she liked them, but not if they stay forever. “I just want you to be my regular dad,” she said, making me feel inexplicably guilty. “I want you to be like you were before.”

I told her that I love her even when she gets permanently taller, which didn’t seem to translate. After a night’s sleep, however, she seems to have come around, asking to see the ink and noting that she likes it.


9 thoughts on “License to Quill

  1. You know Ryan, despite how uncool it is to admit this. I’m still not and probably never will be a fan of tattoos, So it’s significant for me to admit that this may be the best”ideas” of mating tattoos that I’ve ever observed or heard of. I especially love the subtle eroticism….fun and kind of sentimentally sweet at the same time. Tattoos still suck of course, but I totally appreciate and respect yours and your wife’s creative direction. 🙂

    Now, let the flaming begin from all your readers that are in the “tattoo me too” camp. And yes, BTW Colby’s got some cool creations also of course.

    Enjoying your blog man…


  2. Ashley Marie

    Incredibly well done ink! Lovely! I myself am tatted up quite a bit in recent years, it’s kind of addicting.

    I really like the symbolism in your matching design, and the artist did an incredible job with the detail and toning. Wow!

    Congrats! Love reading your blog,


  3. whit

    We discussed this, right? I’ve been wanting that same tattoo for years (but with a bit of color on the feather.) I’m pretty sure we’ve had this conversation, but whiskey.

  4. kimscaravelli

    Nominated you for a Liebster. Just checked your followers count and realized that you are likely too big and well-followed for this award but screw it… you are nominated. If you want to accept your nomination and answer 11 super cool questions as a nominee, check them out at

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