More Writers and Illustrators to Support

When I’m not writing for my day job, side projects, or fun, I’m probably reading.

I’m happy to make book recommendations, but if you’re checking out my blog, you’re probably into the whole Internet sort of thing, which is fine, because I am, too.

Here are a few sites I frequent. They’re managed by friends, co-workers, and strangers. I’ll leave it to you to decide which are from which. The links are presented here along with description text from the blog itself. Various blogs are in the first section; dad-focused blogs follow. Warning! This list will fluctuate:

180 Days: “One Family’s Homeschool Journey”

Ben Riddering: “Design and woodcraft.”

Bread and Bread: “The intersection of art, life, and carbohydrates.”

Challenging Tertullian: “One guy’s attempt to engage the reality of male privilege from a Christian perspective.”

Jayne Eyre Likes Cupcakes: “The madcap adventures, missteps, and triumphs of one Ashley Schwellenbach.”

A Million Words: “Someone, somewhere, at some point, said something that goes a little like this: You have to write a million crummy words before you actually start to write some good ones. So I thought I’d better start purging those million words and get to the good stuff. Malcolm Gladwell, in OUTLIERS, says, ‘it takes 10,000 hours of purposeful practice to become expert at anything.’ So, like a musician plucking her strings, or a pitcher throwing her arm out in the bullpen, I give you this blog. And hopefully it lands somewhere north of crummy.”

Shark Dreams: “365 Days of Shark Madness”

Things That Don’t Suck: “An imaginary museum.”

Wendelin’s Blog: “This blog is done to encourage readers and writers, and as part of a campaign to improve childhood fitness and literacy levels, and to raise funds for books for school libraries and underprivileged children.”

Word Trails and Photo Tales: “Rambling through the world a couple words at a time.”

YA Muses: “The miscellaneous musings of eleven writers of novels for children and Young Adults.”

Fellow dad bloggers:

The Daddy Complex: “I’m David Vienna, father of twin boys. Their names are Wyatt and Boone and, yes, they’re as awesome as you think.”

Raised by my daughter

Souvenirs of Fatherhood: “One man’s nostalgic look at being a dad.”


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