Doodle of the Day


Life has been a bizarre and unsettling mix of work busy-ness and housing uncertainty for the last few weeks. In short, the owners of the condo my family rents are coming by for an inspection today–the first such visit in the four years we’ve lived here. We’re worried that they’re prepping to sell it, which would trigger our third forced move in six years.

In light if that, here’s a doodle.


6 thoughts on “Doodle of the Day

  1. Brent

    R, Hang in there man…this too shall work out. It’s a great thing that you have a family around you to enjoy and love in troubled times. For that, I am jealous of you.

  2. Lo and behold, this was just a trip down Nostalgia Lane for the owner, who thinks we’re charming and wants us to stay! Sweet amazecakes! What a weight off!

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