Green Week: The Luck of the Irish, Part 2

Green Week: The Luck of the Irish, Part 2

This is what the leprechauns thought of the trap the girls set. The food was mostly eaten, the teacup bathwater was sloshed around, bits of greenery were strewn about, and chocolate coins were tucked in various nooks around the room, along with a note that read, “5 gold coins for each girl and 2 for the boy.”

I have a lot of fun with this each year, which is weird, because I don’t like the Elf on the Shelf. At all. But this seems similar somehow.

What do you think? Are St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun traps cute and imaginative? Or taking yet another holiday too far?


4 thoughts on “Green Week: The Luck of the Irish, Part 2

  1. They are cute – unlike the elf that reminds more of big-brother-is-watching-you – the imaginative leprechaun is not spying on the behaviour of your kids. It is just fun!

  2. I’m all Italian and didn’t grow up building traps for leprechauns. They do seem kind of fun though. We do the Elf on the Shelf, even though the kids are older. I do think it’s a bit like a tiny Mafioso santa-cap wearing dude following you around – it’s a little creepy. My son (when he was quite little) was frightened of the tooth fairy. We had to leave his pillow with his tooth on the kitchen counter because he didn’t want the fairy to come into his room while he was sleeping, but he still wanted the money 😉

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