I Love it When She Uses the Oxford Comma …


My wife’s Valentine’s Day present to me this year now hangs above a drawing I gave to her for Valentine’s Day two years ago.

I thought about arguing that I’m more geeky than nerdy, but 1) I realized I shouldn’t nitpick a Valentine’s Day present, and 2) I remembered how I get about grammar. Plus, “talk geeky to me” doesn’t carry the same pun value.

I totally love my wife.


3 thoughts on “I Love it When She Uses the Oxford Comma …

  1. Mrs. Shallows

    Case in point. This was our first conversation upon waking up this morning:

    Mr. Shallows: I thought of a pickup line last night.

    Mrs. Shallows: Do you think up pickup lines often?

    Mr. Shallows: No.

    Mrs. Shallows: Ok, tell me.

    Mr. Shallows: I have a preposition for you.
    (Mrs. Shallows, already laughing)

    Mrs. Shallows: You are such a nerd.

  2. Except “us” is a pronoun, not a preposition. Now that I’m fully awake, I don’t know why I mixed those up. I should have said, “I have a preposition for you: like.” But that’s not as romantic.

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