Needles and Ink (and Something to Drink)

You don’t have plans for Friday, July 13, right? Tune in at 6 p.m. (Pacific) to watch me sip something fancy and plan a cross-stitch pattern with the amazing Mike Reynolds of Everyday Girl Dad and Masculinity Makeover.

Mike started his live Cocktails and Cross-Stitch series a while back, after he decided to finally take a stab at a new hobby and wanted to invite guests from various backgrounds to chat with him as he further developed his talents and repertoire. Is that a cross-stitch term? I’m saying it is.

Recent guests have discussed women in the film industry, childhood and grief, and feminism. (Just about every episode has a healthy dose of feminism, actually.)

For our segment, we’ll be talking about comics that kids and adults should be reading, and I’ll probably steer the conversation a bit into kid lit, because how can I not? There are so, so many awesome things to be reading and discussing these days.

Think comics sound a bit fluffy compared to other subjects that have been covered on the show? Tune in and find out how wrong you are …

Cross Stitch


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