Return Week: Death Becomes Her


While recently walking through a nearby cemetery, which we used to do more often but now only sometimes do, we discovered a gravestone bearing a name similar to—but not exactly spelled the same—as my firstborn’s. She was excited.

I had forgotten about the find by that evening, but a few days later, as we drove past the cemetery, she casually announced, “Look, there I am!”

I was creeped out to see her pointing out the window at a field of monuments and headstones, but I do have good recall and the ability to think like my kids, so I quickly figured out what she meant.

I’ve mentioned this particular child’s fascination with the macabre before, and instead of trying to sweep it under a sunshiny rug, I figured that interest can be harnessed.

Thus was born the idea for our Summer Mystery.

While at the cemetery, my firstborn also noticed a lone headstone in the middle of an otherwise empty section. This stone is obviously very old: weatherbeaten, spotty, and worn down. She wants to know why it’s isolated. So I told her our summer project can be researching the grave to find out who’s buried there and why. We can contact the cemetery district, the mortuary owners, the historical society. I figured it would be an educational opportunity.

Sound like a fun summer activity, yeah?

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7 thoughts on “Return Week: Death Becomes Her

  1. franhunne4u says:

    To me it would sound like a perfect summer activity! I am fascinated with old cemetaries.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Me too!

  3. Great idea! Way to harness the macabre…. (Taking notes for future reference)

  4. Martha Drummond says:

    Why not do a bit of research. Death is part of life.

  5. Neat. Let’s hope the owner was an interesting character for her to research.

  6. the Farmy says:

    Sounds like a job Jasper Dash would be into. I think it’s a great idea.

  7. sharonsoni says:

    This was very interesting. I would love to read about the project some day.

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