Memory Week: Freaky Friday


I didn’t intend for this week to become a doodle gallery, but cleaning my desk(s) for the New Year yielded so many examples of what happens when I get a pen in my hand.

I’ve showcased some of the random faces I’ve found over the last couple of days, but I saved a few for Freaky Friday. For hopefully obvious reasons.


I’ve recently learned that there are some people—my firstborn among them—who seem to have to be doing some sort of physical activity while they listen in order to process the information they’re receiving. Fiddling with a pencil, for example, lights up part of the brain that in turn helps to hear and comprehend words coming in. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.


While learning about this phenomenon, I realized—somewhat belatedly, I suppose, since I’m 35—that I have to be one of these people, too. I can’t keep still. I’m always either chewing on a pen, sticking one behind my ear, flipping it around my fingers, or—obviously—doodling.


Sometimes the doodles are repetitive. I found half a dozen variations on a rabbit done in orange highlighter.

But sometimes the doodles make me wonder what dark corners the lit-up parts of my brain were illuminating, and what else is hiding there in the shadows.


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12 thoughts on “Memory Week: Freaky Friday

  1. Go Scribbles says:

    Okay, something about this art is just so beautiful. It might not be a Mona Lisa, but there is something definitely extravagant about it.

  2. jenmuse says:

    I retain more auditory information when I knit…

  3. Carleen Butterfield says:

    following a concussion my doodles, which were formerly floral and curved, became linear and geometric.

  4. Ruth says:

    How far into Doctor Who are you? I think you have an Ood up there!

  5. Mrs. Shallows says:

    You are 34. For 3 more weeks.

  6. I’m not an artist, or much of a doodler, but your pictures remind me of when my kids were little and there was a lot of drawing going on at our house. I always drew basically the same face, over and over for my kids, with different hair and bodies and in different poses. It was a fun time. Thanks for reminding me of that!

  7. […] however, I have noticed some particular trouble in remembering how old I am. In my most recent Freaky Friday post, for instance, I jumped the birthday gun by three weeks—something my wife quickly pointed […]

  8. trineloeften says:

    Your doodles, are fascinating! And I agree, to keep my concentration at its fullest I always need some distraction.

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