Carol Week: The Non-Play List


I mentioned yesterday that I can’t stand “Wonderful Christmastime.” The synthesizer, the lyrics, the overall cheesiness and dated feel of the song—I can’t take it.

But my least favorite song of the season is “Christmas Shoes.” It’s not technically a carol, I know, but it’s terrible. It’s sappy and saccharine and tragic and features a whole choir of children singing the chorus at one point. And it inspired a TV movie starring Rob Lowe, who was wonderful in West Wing and Parks and Recreation but makes bizarre career choices—like the remake of Salem’s Lot.

I can’t stand Christmas Shoes for a multitude of reasons, including the narrator’s belief that his encounter with a kid whose mom is about to die was a wake-up call for his benefit: “I knew that God had sent that little boy to remind me just what Christmas is all about.” Really? I’m so glad a desperately poor child with a terminally ill mother restored your holiday spirit.

I also don’t like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” because the man singer sounds so creepy—pushing alcohol on his female guest and invoking his own wounded pride as a reason she should stay with him. At one point she asks, “Say, what’s in this drink?”

Get out! Get out now!


3 thoughts on “Carol Week: The Non-Play List

  1. Kerrin

    hahaha Justin loves the song Baby its Cold Outside!
    I can’t stand the song “All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth.” The version I have always heard has the weirdest kid singing it in a lisp. Drives me batty!

  2. Totally agree about “Christmas Shoes.” For some reason awhile back, we were looking for lists of depressing songs online, and Wikipedia listed “Christmas Shoes” as the #1 most depressing song of all time!

  3. Ruth

    Hopey can’t stand “Christmas Shoes” either. That was her least favorite in our conversation the other day.
    “Baby, it’s cold outside”……..Come on baby, just compromise your morals just a little for me.
    We also really listened to the lyrics of “Santa Baby” the other day. Entitled much??

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