Waiting Week: The Internet is Out


I find that I’m more productive, more rested, more everything good the longer I stay offline. But, as a blogger, I do need a connection. Plus, Netflix.

So when my Internet cuts out, as it often does—as it did this morning—I’m both frustrated and relieved. Like it or not, much of life these days revolves around e-mail and Facebook, posts and threads.

Between dealing with a spotty connection, cleaning up the house (ha!) in advance of an inspection by our property managers, my day job, my side job, my freelance projects, holiday preparations, and—oh, yeah—actually spending time with my family, today’s post drew the short straw. Which is why the image is entirely unrelated (except, and I just now thought of this, there’s a whole “web” theme going on), as I drew this one back in 2011 and pulled it from my reserves because I think it’s funny no matter in what year it originated.

What do you do when you can’t get online?


5 thoughts on “Waiting Week: The Internet is Out

  1. Mrs. Shallows

    I am finding and pairing up stray socks while watching Jeff Corwin with our sick kids (and being very grateful fo 3G on my iPhone).

  2. Kind of unrelated but…Your cartoon reminds me of when my daughter watched ‘Life of Brian’ at an innappropriately young age (I thought she was asleep) and I walked into her bedroom to find she had ‘hung’ her barbie dolls from the bottom of her cabin bed. Horrified I asked why she’s done this and she said ‘They’re not hanging, they’re singing ‘Always Look On The Brightside Of Life’ with their arms out – like they do in that film. Crumbs. And as for not being able to get online – then I’m forced to do all the things I should be doing. Like taking my child for counselling…

  3. When I’m not online? I sleep.

    Seriously, though, having made the switch from a dumbphone to a smartphone has probably been very detrimental to my psychological health. Internet at the fingertips and yet do I really need to know the name of that one guy in that movie that came out with the thing right this second? Probably not. But then I can’t resist pulling out my phone to look it up (or browse WordPress on my phone… right now…)

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