Toy Week: The Names

Toy Week: The Names

My 6-year-old drew this picture of her toy sloth, Softie.

The girls’ naming process for their toys has evolved over the years. Just a short while ago, everything was Sheesho, Shoshi, Shashu—stuff like that. I couldn’t keep the names straight, but neither could they. A little bear would be Sheesha in the morning, then Shasho by the afternoon.

Now, they have Sugar Cube the penguin and Panda Bell
the panda bear. The names are pretty cute, though sometimes they still change.

The only toy that’s had the same name since it was christened is an anatomically correct baby boy doll the girls years ago decided to name Sacky. No clue why.

On that note, remember, remember, that it’s still Movember.


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