Health Week: Day 5

Health Week: Day 5

It’s time to get serious about my Movember moustache.

I considered giving shaping-idea rights to folks who donated to the cause via my “Mo-Space” (yes, that’s what they call it), but instead I decided to open it up to anyone and everyone. Anyone and everyone who reads my blog, that is.

My current front-runner idea is shaving the Batman logo into my upper lip, with help from the soul patch below. I can’t connect anything, according to official Movember rules, because a connection would make it a goatee, and this isn’t Goavember.

Like that idea? Have a different one? Let me know, and I promise I’ll consider each suggestion. But make it soon, since I need to take this stubble from an on-the-way full beard to a moustache in progress pronto.

But for now, Batman seems like the best option. Who better than a superhero to help fight testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health issues? (Hint: The answer is you and me.)

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6 thoughts on “Health Week: Day 5

  1. the Farmy says:

    How about two furry circles.

  2. Carleen Butterfield says:

    How about three big eyes–from your kids’ eyes in the sketch.

  3. I would copy Uncle Mike’s fireman mustache in all its glory. Never was there a more beloved mustache and an iconic symbol of all he was as Fire Chief, grandfather of US&R, hero to so many. People still talk of Chief McGroarty’s mustache! Although he lost most all hair through his brave battle with prostate cancer, he kept his beloved mustache throughout. What better symbol of what Movember is highlighting to the world?

    • jesteram says:

      I grow my facial hair fast, but I don’t think even I could get that epic of a moustache in a month! I’ll be writing about the chief later this week, too …

  4. Julia says:

    What if you kept a regular moustache but, you dye it purple or other extremely unnatural color? Is that an option?

  5. […] too, life-wise, just in case, so don’t forget to weigh in on my Movember moustache style in yesterday’s post, and visit my Mo Space if you feel like leaving me a comment, making a donation, or just seeing […]

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