Shallow Work

Shallow Work

I’m planning to make Sundays a bit of a rest day here in the Shallows, though I must admit I’m interpreting “rest” in an odd way.

Instead of drafting a new post for today, I started a Standing in the Shallows Facebook page, figured out how to allow for pinning my posts/art to Pinterest, changed my commenting policy to allow for anonymous posts from people who don’t want to provide a name or e-mail address, and created a new page—”The Piers,” get it?—for links to other blogs I read.

I also did a bunch of dishes, helped babysit two other families’ worth of kids, researched other dad blogs, and considered entering a writing contest for a chance to win a contract for a Dark Crystal prequel novel. I think I may try for it.

Today’s doodle, by the way, comes from my children playing with one set—the first set—of our babysitting charges. Through the course of a game, each kid laid claim to a superpower (wings, ice breath, and the like), though my second daughter couldn’t decide on just one. She periodically reinvented herself until she settled on all of them.

I wonder what turning into everything would look like. Marvel, get on this please. I’m sure it could fit in one of your X-Men titles. You’ve got, like, 50 of them.

Check back tomorrow for a new weekly theme, more doodles (yes, there’s a unique one for each post), and other Shallow stuff.

Until then (and speaking of Dark Crystal), what movie terrified you as a kid?